About Us

About Velion

Velion was established to serve the domain of niche applications in the realm of engineering software applications, specially focused on Product Design review and Early Manufacturing Analysis and small, high drain, light weight environment friendly renewable Power solutions for niche applications and all Associated Technologies and businesses in these realms. Velion also serves specific needs for advanced energy solutions of original requipment manufacturers that include custom battery packs, high capacity polymer battery solutions & large scale Li-Ion batteries.

Who are we?

What we do?

We represent DFMA® (Design For Manufacture & Assembly) exclusively in India/SE-Asia. DFMA®, is a unique design tool used by most of the Fortune 1000 companies engaged in New Product Initiatives worldwide D Espat provides training on the DFMA®, software consultancy and focused programs on deployment to clients from different industrial settings including automotive & aerospace, OEMs, ODMs.

Who is Velion?

Velion focuses on electrical secondary storage needs that require Light weight, High drain and High Energy capacity Battery solution using Lithium polymer & Lithium ion Technology. Our business expertise comprises comprehensive system integration for signal cell to large scale custom batteries. We design, develop and custom pack batteries with electronic Battery protection, Management and control features for portable application that demands specific energy needs while performing in dynamic environments.


  • Defense Application
  • Tele Communication & Towers
  • Remote Devices
  • E-bikes & Electric Vehicles
  • Robotics


  • World patented concept and technology
  • Great safety performance
  • High energy density (160 – 180Wh/kg)
  • Better characteristics performance
  • No memory effect


  • Fast delivery and line charges
  • Wide variety of custom shapes and sizes
  • Full pack assembly
  • Custom design packs