We not only provide customers with the best possible portable lithium battery solutions, but we also support all our customers by being able to offer matched charger solutions also. For every battery pack that we can offer, we can also custom design and manufacture its complementary charging system to follow the charging curve profile as required for lithium battery systems.

With our partnership we have the capability to design and manufacture all kinds of chargers for rechargeable batteries, including conditioners/analyzers and battery management systems. We offer a complete solution from product design to delivery of mass volume production. Our team of engineers includes expertise in writing programs for micro-controller, electronic control circuits and mechanical design that help to transform customer’s concept into successful marketable products. We harness the strength and combine the synergy of our associate companies, from tool-making to plastics injection, from component sourcing to PCB subassemblies and pass on the benefits to our customers with lower costing and shorter turnaround times.

From aesthetically appealing consumer products, meeting home safety regulations to industrial design that meets military standards for outdoor applications, our company delivers reliable and quality chargers and plays a vital supporting role to our customers when they launch their products successfully to the global markets.